Sunday, January 25, 2009

A View of Plymouth from Garibaldi Hill

From the top of Garibaldi Hill, we look down over the town of Plymouth which now resembles a ghost town of the old west. The houses that are visible sit among a garden of ash. The majority of buildings are buried 20 feet under. The most recent volcanic eruption seems to have completely covered the old church steeple that had become an landmark, ensuring the town would be remembered for what she once was.

Getting to the top of Garibaldi hill is an adventure unto itself. The road is mostly washed out and the bumps and crevices ensure none of our eyes ever leave the sight of what is in front of us. Steve is experienced in how to maneuver around the worst of it and he gets us to the top. It's the closest we can come to see the devastation of Plymouth, once a thriving town.

This area was home to the most fertile agriculture land, a beautiful harbor, and the center of island activities. All that is left is a memory of the distant past and hopes that one day, the volcano that haunts this little island will choose to fall back to sleep.

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